Service Department

Customer service is No. 1 priority at Just Add Water Boats. Just Add Water Boats has the only test lake located in Indianapolis and we lake test all boats that we service, allowing our technicians a chance to diagnose any service concerns firsthand.

We offer long-term, competitive financing solutions, extended service plans and credit life.

The staff at Just Add Water Boats invites potential customers to come in and look around. As the only marine dealer in Indianapolis with its own test lake, customers have the chance to test any boat and ride before their purchase.


Like any fine tuned piece of machinery, there is a direct relationship between how well you care for your boat and how it performs. Read your owner’s manual before operating your Crownline, Misty Harbor, Monterey, South Bay or Yamaha Marine. Just Add Water Boats recommends that you to return your boat to our dealership for service. For answers to questions that you may have regarding the service and maintenance of your fishing boat, deck boat, sailboat, personal watercraft, boat, pontoon or sport boat, please contact our Service Department.


Your safety is a primary concern of Just Add Water Boats. Before operating your boat, you should be familiar with the current boating regulations for your area.

  • Never leave your boat while the engine is running
  • Never start your engine when people are in the water near the boat.
  • Do not stand, sit or lay on stern platforms while engine is running.
  • Make sure all passengers are in the boat and seated before moving.
  • Always inform passengers of your plans before: making a turn, stopping, accelerating or starting your engine.

Indiana law requires that you have in the boat at all times:

  • One Coast Guard-approved wearable personal floatation device Type I, II III or V for each person in the boat; children under the age of 10 must wear an approved personal floatation device at all times while the boat is moving
  • One personal flotation device Type IV (throwable)
  • Your boat registration from the Department of Natural Resources
  • A bell if your boat is over 26 feet in length
  • A horn or sound-making device
  • Paddle
  • A copy of your driver’s license
  • At least one Coast Guard-approved Class B fire extinguisher. Check Indiana Safe Boating Guides for any special requirements for your boat

This list is not all inclusive of the equipment required by Indiana law. For a complete list of the Indiana laws concerning boating, contact the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

If you are interested in more information on boating safety, contact Just Add Water Boats or visit these Web sites:


Just Add Water Boats has all the storage room for your boat and accessories during the off season. Contact any one of our sales associates for more details and pricing.


One of the most overlooked items during winterization is replacing the water impeller on your engine. The manufacturers recommend that you replace them every 2-3 years. The water impeller draws outside water to cool your engine. Unfortunately damage caused by a worn impeller can be quite extensive. It will usually cause the engine to overheat which can lead to problems with the cylinder valves, pistons, and even crack the block, leading to a large repair bill. These repairs are generally not covered by warranties or service contract.

The average cost to replace the impeller is around $250.00 versus a repair cost of $4000 – $5000 or more. If you haven’t ever changed your impeller or are not sure when it was replaced last, it is probably time. The easiest time to change it is during winterization, so you may want to consider changing the impeller this year.

Problem with your boat, motor, or trailer? Time for your next scheduled maintenance? Schedule an appointment with our service department. We will confirm your appointment with you by phone and/or email within 24 hours of receiving your request.

The Just Add Water Boats Service Department has factory trained technicians that are ready to serve you. For warranty work, repairs, or routine maintenance, Just Add Water is the one stop service facility for you. Canvas work, prop repair, bottom clean, boat detailing, fiberglass repair are just a few of the other services we offer at Just Add Water Boats. Our goal at Just Add Water Boats is to have you on the water, not in the shop!

We are an authorized service dealer for Volvo Penta, Mercruiser, and Yamaha Engines. South Bay Boats. EZ Loader, Tennessee and Bear Trailers. We also repair other makes & models, 1995 and newer!